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The TW Stitchers' Remote Control

We all like looking at each other's stitching, and seeing who's doing what. It's a little difficult to keep track of everybody though, so here's a way that we can surf through our fellow Bulletin Board Members' pages and albums a little more easily. Just click the grey button to turn on the remote!

If you would rather use frames-based navigation, try TW Stitchers in A Frame.

If I've goofed in some way, or if you have any comments or questions about the remote, please come to the Stitchers' Links forum at the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board, or you can e-mail me at lynnbear at bigfoot dot com (You get the drift, right?) and I'll do my best to make things work!


January 7, 2001
Updates at last! Please be patient and pardon the color schemes and highlighting while I work out the new set up! Thanks! ;) As always, let me know if something's not working right!
March 22
Adding a new frame-based version of the remote, let me know how you like it!
March 1
Added links to Teresa's design pages for the Listings By Design, added a little CSS to hopefully make things stand out a bit better. Let me know on the BB what you think!
January 21
Added Listings by Design page to Remote Control! To get to it, just click the "Change to Listings by Design" link near the top of the RC window.