OhBother.net is our little corner of the web. Who are we? Sam and Dee. Sam's a computer engineer, and I'm just your resident dabbler, who enjoys cross stitch and playing with her furry children, Peanut and Munchie (they're cats, but they'd rather have you believe they were human like you and me).

I like to do lots of other things besides cross stitch, including dabbling in web design, surfing and chatting online with friends and playing EverCrack... I mean EverQuest. I also enjoy reading and writing fantasy and science fiction, and satisfying my chocolate craving with Tobler's chocolate oranges (dark chocolate, of course!), Dove dark chocolate bars, or whatever else I can get my hands on. The last 'hobby' is probably why my middle has gained a few inches in the past few years!

Sam likes to tinker with computers and Linux, collect sports cards, and has spent part of this past spring as an umpire for Dixie Baseball.

The Stitchers' Remote is... well, it's almost easier to show you rather than to explain it, but I'll try. One of my favorite places on the net is the community at the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board (TWBB); Teresa Wentzler is my favorite cross stitch designer, and she has a great message board where many of her fans gather to share inspiration and get to know each other; I've found quite a few friends that way, and I've been lucky enough to meet a few of them in person. But I digress, as usual...

The Remote is a little bit of HTML I cooked up to let people on the BB have an easy way to look at each other's cross stitch projects, which they've taken pictures of and posted online, mostly at Photopoint. You can browse either with a pop up window, or using frames, and I'm hoping to get a little fancier with it in the future, once I have more of the main site laid out.

Another part of getting the main site laid out will be to add a page or two of my own finished projects and works in progress.

Web design is something else I enjoy, and something I would really like to do as more than a hobby. For now, I consider myself fairly well-versed in HTML, and getting comfortable with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). I'm trying to learn JavaScript and DHTML, but those have been projects sitting on the back burner for a while.

I also like to dabble in graphics, mostly using Paint Shop Pro, and some KPT filters. Down the road I'll also try to include a gallery of some of my digital artwork.